A watched inbox never boils…Eh?

A watched pot never boils, they say. I boil homemade sweet tea every single day. I watch that pot, and you know what? It boils. The same does not ring true with the mighty inbox. It does not matter if you keep a tab open for your inbox, or even if you refresh it over and over. If there is no mail- there is no mail.

When I first started sending my queries to agents, I did things “by the book”. I only sent one single query out each time and waited for a reply before moving on. I also compulsively created my query/synopsis just as I had read that it needed to be done, “by the book”. The biggest blow to my journey so far concerning the book business is that there really is no such thing as this folklore of “by the book”.

Each bit of research that I have done concerning how a new author needs to go about doing things contradicts another. I constantly tweak or even rewrite my query letter and synopsis around a new finding. This does not include the 13 revisions of the book as well as the one total rewrite. I do think that my biggest fear is that each time that I have redone my query/synopsis, I have possibly sent the new and improved pitch to an agent that would have been impressed with the previous edition.

Even though I no longer wait on each individual agent before sending another query into the shark pit- I also do not see a purpose in mass sending a query into the world of agents. One day, I just may get this epic query with all of these do-overs and I would hate to have used all of my agent seeking resources before that happens. I wish that there were some uniform proper way to do this that ALL agents could agree on, but until then, I can’t help but feel that Vegas odds are a heck of a lot better than this.

My hope is still high. Each rejection is closer to that life changing “yes”. Strangers of all ages seem to fall in love with ease with the book and it’s characters. Luck and timing seems to be all that I need. As a fellow author said to me the other day, “An agent’s week is a writer’s month.” So true…So true…


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