Alice in Agentland

After much editing and tweaking, the first book of my series is now complete. The first book, Livian A Fairy’s Tale is now patiently waiting the blessing of a decent literary agent. When I first started writing the second draft of this book, I assumed the agent part- no problem. Ha!
From what I have read, most every author gets rejected numerous times. From Mark Twain, Stephanie Meyer, even the ramblings of Seuss. The few rejections that I have gotten do not bother me or depress me. I am realistic, normally. What bothers me is the fact that from what I have read- IF you get rejections opposed to simply being ignored, you will either get a form rejection that begins with “Dear Author” or possibly a rejection explaining what needs work, what it lacks, what turned the agent off. I get neither.
I am getting very nice personal rejections that offer no insight to what I need to adjust. I don’t even get a simple, “Wow. You suck.” Either of those would allow me a bit of knowledge as to why this is not popping. This is where my OCD kicks in.
I have edited my book over and over, looking for the slightest issue. I have redone my synopsis and query. I have questioned myself up one side and down the other and back again. I have released my work into the hands of even the harshest most blunt educated readers. Nothing. Ten years in the making, as down on myself as I tend to be, this book rocks.
I also follow other writers on social networking sites. Many are wonderful, though, many….well….Bless their hearts. This is what I do not get. Some are so horrid and badly written, I don’t think I would even bestow them upon my worst enemy. Yet, they have agents, publishing contracts, cover art; a career. I still have but a dream.
I also know that patience is a grand virtue in which I lack. These things take time. More than the couple of months that I have journeyed, by far. I never anticipated being some super over night success. Okay, maybe I have had a dream or two about that, but in reality, never.
I am not a person that deals well with uncertainty, which does not reflect by the roller coaster that I so dearly refer to as “my life”, but my nerves are shot. If sparkling vampires and hot native wolves, then so should my demonic unicorns and warrior fairies. Can I get an Amen?

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