NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month.

I have heard of this before, but never allowed myself to take the time to look into it. So many things fluttering around about NaNo, I had to give in and look up the meaning. Shame on me for taking so long to do so! I have been missing out!

NaNoWriMo is not just for the established or professed author, everyone has a story inside of their mind. Everyone. My first novel was a span of ten long years in the making because I did not allow the ramblings of daily life to edge over to chase my dream. Never again. My dreams are my life. Without those dreams being chased what will they say about each of us when we pass? “That Michelle Picarella sure did pay her water bill.” or “Michelle was always known for cleaning the base boards in her house.” No. I want people to say, “Michelle was a Dreamer and a Writer. She chased her dreams and lived her life to the fullest.”

So, you may be saying,”….. but I didn’t ever dream about being a writer. I wanted to be an astronaut or an exotic tribal leader in charge of hot women and Dragons.” Well, sweetie, Bless your heart…May I suggest taking NaNoWriMo as the best chance of chasing your dreams and write about these visions of your dreams? It may just be the closest that you ever come.

The bottom line. 50k words. One month. An accomplishment to pin onto your collar. What is there to lose? Join me.  Check out the official site for more information.


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