Publishing, Praying, and Pinot Grigio

Last week was a milestone in this grand journey of dream chasing. During the first part of the week, I heard from a publisher in which I had submitted my manuscript. I honestly was not even considering there being a serious chance for this publisher to consider my work. They mainly deal with Christian literature, and to be honest, where I feel that my book may fit in, and where the world may see it- These are two different things, quite possibly.

LIVIAN is mainly the story of one damaged child’s battle of holding on to her faith when the world around her seems to knock her down with every breath- and as important as faith is towards the entire plot of this book- and this series- the story also holds a great element of fantasy and magic- which we have seen how well that is at being attacked by Christian media by the likes of Harry Potter and even the Christian themed books of Narnia.

Controversy may sell…and well…But, as much as I may be known for ruffling feathers for the simple enjoyment value- and this book may do just that- I am okay to have my work judged and thrown on the chopping block. What I am honestly not in the market for is for every thing that I do or tweet having to revolve around being labeled as a “Christian Author”.

I am a Christian….and proud… Though, unlike many, I can admit openly, that I am just as much Christian as I am sinner. I can not conform every word I say nor every move that I may make in order to come across as a marketable example of what a Christian should be in the eyes of the “politically correct”. I have too much politician in me to be that noble and perfect. đŸ™‚

After much thinking and praying, I do not want to alter or gnarl who I am anymore than God wants me to. I want to drink my wine when I want, go to rock concerts, get a tattoo, and even honor my Navy roots and cuss like a sailor if the mood hits. I want to be able to cuss at a rock concert while sipping a drink as someone tattoos me. Once upon a time, that was just a typical Friday night.  God likes my colorful personality.

Oh, and what if they wanted to market my book and me go on the 700 club or something??? If you know me, you know I think that little man is nuts. I couldn’t sit there and converse with that goober like he was an old friend in the name of selling a book. That would make me one thing… A hypochristian. I would rather my book collect dust and become a distant memory than to sell myself for a dollar.

In short, as thrilled as I may be to have a contract setting beside me, I did indeed, turn it down- as well as the counter offer. I had feared that I would be sick to my stomach after rejecting it- thinking that may had been my one chance.. I do not think so. I know that the right publisher for LIVIAN and ME is out there.

Thanks for tuning in for another chapter of my own little fairy tale.

~With the Dreamers


3 thoughts on “Publishing, Praying, and Pinot Grigio

  1. I would think that it would be so easy to just scream “YES, YES, YES” to the publisher. But I have to believe that getting the right fit between publisher and writer is too important. The next one could be the right call and you can celebrate with a big glass of Pinot Grigio!!

  2. I’m so proud of you Shelly! It’s so cool that you’re not willing to compromise your identity just to see your book in print. Livian is a fascinating story. You’re a phenomenal writer. You both deserve to find a home that’s perfect for you in every way.

  3. I am proud to hear you are a step closer to being published, I enjoyed your book and look forward to reading more. Don’t give up the right fit for the right book.

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