Leaving on the midnight train to……Florida…

Late tonight I will be leaving for my first trip away from my children….ever.

My stomach is churning and I feel like crying with the simple thoughts of not being there to tuck them in during the nights that I am gone.  Though, deep down, I know that this is going to be a wonderful experience.

I am heading down south via the train to first, visit my long time best friend and then, I am taking the train to the town where a good portion of my current book venture takes place. Hopefully, this will create a serious bit of inspiration for this story. Not to mention, free writing time- no children, as much as I love them- this alone should be a leap towards completing this book.

I am sticking with the YA path with my literary works, but this one….This one is special. “Anna” (the books working title) will be the most tedious nit-picking experience with the written word that I will most likely ever experience. I will explain more concerning this when the book is complete.

So, here is to new experiences….to seeing a dear friend that lives too far away(please don’t forget to pick me up at the train station, Mandy. haha.), to quiet time, to writing freely, and to hoping that I don’t get next to someone crazy or lice infested on the train. I swear, I will wear my pink polka-dotted shower cap the entire trip if I sit next to someone scratching their head more than twice. (massive lice-phobic)

I doubt that I will blog until I get home…so until then…….


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