Chasing Dreams- (To each, his own)

I have been blessed during this writing journey when it comes to connecting with other writers- of all sorts- Authors of all genres, poets, song and script writers-

I have had this little dream of writing books since I was a little child- I do not recall ever wanting to be a doctor or a lawyer- just wanted to tell my stories. I always knew that there were millions of others out there that wanted to do the same- but honestly- I never knew how wide the spectrum of that one dream could be.

There have been so many posts lately revolving around the changing times- self publishing- e-publishing- small publishers- and everyone has an opinion. Who is right?

We all are. To each his own-

Every writer has a different mission for their works. Some want to be the next Rowling, King, or Rice- Millions of dollars- a movie deal- becoming a household name. Some just want to be able to consider themselves published and are willing to fork over the money to make that dream happen. Many writers are loving the nook/kindle evolution, and e-publishing fits them perfectly. There are some that are so in love with the craft of writing- that they offer the manuscript to each and all- for free. Just to know that it is being read and loved is enough.

As for me? All of the above and none of the above? Is that even a logical answer? Most likely not- My dear husband had my book printed- mingled in with the fan art submissions in all of the right spots. It is the greatest non-living thing that I have ever held in my arms. My words. In print. With such beautiful drawings of these people- that I created. It may not have proper binding, or a publishers marking- but it is my words, in print- and to me- It’s simply beautiful. I do want my book binded with a publishers marking on the spine- I have had vivid dreams of working/arguing with Tim Burton over the production of my book. I have seen what stars I want for each character that once only existed in the deepest realms of my own mind. I honestly have pondered the thoughts of millions of dollars- though I always see myself living humbly as I do now- and most of my money going right towards charity. I simply have no use for high end purses or shoes- and if I ever made it to an awards show- I would surely go back to NC to the Bridal Outlet to purchase a dress- So excess money has no use for me. I wouldn’t mind my book in e-form- if someone could just as easily get it in print… But you know, my big dream of writing- well, that is already coming true.

Not too long ago, probably someone that I consider my dearest lit friend messaged me. Her daughter- a beta reader for my book; loved it. She stated that her child fell asleep reading my book. I felt like I had won the lottery. The thought of someone that is nowhere near me- that has never met me- loving Livian, Inennious, Asher- enough to fall asleep while caught up in my world. I wondered if she dreamed that night. Was it about fleeing the army of charred eyed unicorns? Was she exploring the crystal lined caves where the Dragons dwell? Was she exploring the folklore of the Elves, Sirens, or Dwergers?

That is my drive. My dream. To know that I am writing one of those “must take to bed” sort of books. Creating the worlds and characters that show up in your dreams- having people read and draw the characters that exist only through the pages of my book- and yes, eventually (hopefully sooner than later) that book being binded with a publishers mark, and on the side tables of people all over the world as they too, drift into dreamland and mesh their imagination with my own.

Chasing dreams- that is what is all about. And as long as a person is chasing their own dream, can there really be a wrong way to go about it?


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