My big announcement!!

I posted a few days ago on my Facebook Writer’s Page that something was in the works. Something wonderful. I have been dying to officially announce the magnitude of this project- hoping it would all pan out- and now, the time has come…


A lucky number?

Seven Dwarfs. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Seven of Nine. Seven Days of Creation. The Seven Year Itch.  7-up.


Seven Fantastic Writers conquering Seven Deadly Sins.

A collaboration of seven very unique minds. A sin for each, written in the form of a fable.

Stephen Penner controlling Wrath and Illustrations

A.T. Russell dominating Greed

Vickie Adair mastering Pride

Dawn Kirby wrapping her hands around Lust

Mindjuggler Phlegyas consuming Gluttony

Tymothy Longoria prevailing over Envy

and me… Michelle Picarella, taking on Sloth.

When the idea of collaborating with other authors to do this Sinful Fable book came to mind, these are the authors that I had to have.  I have grown to adore many fellow writers. I know so many talented authors that will be house-hold names one day. But these guys- The banter between us. Our differences, our similarities. This is the Breakfast Club of the Literary World. Together, this book is going to be mind blowing. I am honored to be working with each and every one of these extraordinary writers.

I will be posting updates often during this fascinating journey as well as Author Shout Outs to each one of these guys for you lovely readers of this blog to see just what a well rounded scale we have in this little Brady Bunch of ours! ( The Brady Bunch pun is just for you, A.T.)

Stay tuned… Much, much more to come.


14 thoughts on “My big announcement!!

  1. I am ecstatic. It is a challenge and I love to be challenged. “Get on in that psyche, Tymothy!”

    Really, thank you, Shelly for asking me to be a part of this.

    The Six of you…I am glad to know you all.

  2. I can’t wait to watch these stories unfold….
    I know I will be beta reading for one of you guys, already!
    Now I have to start working on the rest of you….

  3. Well I think it is fantastic! I have read Dawn and Michelle’s work and if any of the rest are as good as them . . .this will be the book of the ages!

  4. I only have a simple remark.
    My story’s gonna swallow your stories!
    ~so said the Glutton.

    PS1: thanks for having me on board guys. I know it’s simply because I’m the best one out there (I SO should be writing Pride) but out of courtesy, I’m thanking you anyway 😛
    PS2: on a more serious note, really, thank you. I hope I’ll live up to your standards and hopefully, the end result, will be just what you guys (and I) had anticipated
    PS3: the fact alone that I was the last sinner to join can only mean one thing (actually, it could just mean that you would find noone else to fill in the spot but blah… that can’t be it). It means that you already knew I would only say yes if you had already managed a confident group that I would accept working with. OK! It worked 😛

  5. Can’t wait for this! What a talented group. This was the subject of a collaborative theatre piece for my masters group at Central School of Speech and Drama and we were challenged and delighted by it. I am greatly looking forward to reading this upon it’s completion!

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