Meet Dawn Kirby- Author and Friend

I have made it clear that this literary journey is, to say the least, a learning process. Beyond the books, blogs, bewares, and Bransford, I find most of the true valuable learning assets is the company of other writers. I do not mean the endless free advice that many are more than willing to shower you with. I am talking about connecting to someone else as they travel down their own path. I have decided to highlight some of these wonderful people who I have been blessed enough to stumble upon.  Please welcome Dawn Kirby, Author and friend, to my humble little blog as she allows me to interview her about books and life.

-What non-religious book would you say has influenced your life the most?

Dawn: I would have to say it was To Kill A Mockingbird. I read it when i was
in 7th grade. It touched me deeper than any book ever has. There are
so many life lesson within Harper Lee’s words it’s hard not to take
away something new each and every time I read it.

-What character that you have created is currently your favorite? Why?

Dawn: Raine, without question. He’s big, he’s gorgeous and he’s unlike any
man I’ve ever met. He smells like a storm and the passion he has for
all things is just as strong. He’ll protect those he loves to the
death and won’t hesitate to bring Hell down on anyone who dares cross
him. On the other hand, he can be as sweet and loving as a child. What
woman doesn’t want a knight in shining armor by day and a fiercely
devoted lover by night?

-What aspect of the writing journey do you consider to be the most

Dawn: Having patience. It’s an important part of any writer’s journey
throughout the process. Once you get your story written you have to
edit it, let others critique it (not everybody reads at lightening
speed), edit it again, write a query, wait for a response, get
rejected, write another query….you get the point. Without patience
being a writer becomes a thorn in your side rather than a way to get
your “voice” heard.

– Somewhere, someone is sitting down to write for the first time.
What advice would you offer them?

Dawn: Just do it. You never know what you can accomplish if you don’t try.
Even if it’s just writing your thoughts down to share with a few close
friends. You’ll always be able to look back and say “I did that”.

-What are you currently working on and what can we look forward to in
the future?

Dawn: I’m currently editing my first book, SECRETS in the Serenity Series
for publication and writing “LUST” for your fabulous “Sins”
collaboration. As soon as those are completed I’ll start editing book
two, DECEIT and writing book five. In between I write a weekly serial
called TURNING for Sabrina Ogden’s book blog.

–  What do you enjoy consuming your non-literary free time doing?

Dawn: Anything that gets me out with my family. Movies are nice, but getting
out of town and seeing them happy and recharged would be grand.

*LUCKY 7*- Give us seven random book titles from your book shelf.

To Kill A Mocking Bird ~ Harper Lee
Much Ado About Nothing ~ William Shakespeare
NightWatch ~Sergei Lukyanenko
Harry Potter (you name it) ~ JK Rowling
The Black Lyon ~ Jude Deveraux
Pride Mates ~ Jennifer Ashley
Heart Shaped Box ~ Joe Hill

I would like to thank Dawn for her time and allowing me to share her with you! If you would like to keep up with Dawn Kirby follow the links below.

Facebook  Twitter Blogspot  WordPress  and her page helping authors connect #fbwriter


3 thoughts on “Meet Dawn Kirby- Author and Friend

  1. Thank you so much Shelly! I can’t tell you what an honor it is to be interviewed by you AND also be able to count you as one of my dearest friends.You rock on so many levels!

  2. You girls I love you both you both are fabulous writers and it is a pleasure to read your books. Can’t wait to get my hands on your “Sins” book!

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