Joseph Rubas. Bringing the Fear.

Joseph Rubas has written over 140 short stories in the horror/sci-fi/fantasy genres. His first book, a collection of short stories titled “Pocketful of Fear” will be released October 2012. It is a pleasure to have him on the blog.

1-Your short story collection “Pocketful of Fear” will be released in 2012. How do you compile your short stories? Is there a common element or simply your current favorites?
In this one case, at least, there’s no method to the madness. In Pocket, you’re gonna find mobsters, zombies, vampires, and ghosts, both literal and metaphoric, side-by-side. Each of the stories was written long before I ever considered collecting them. They just…popped into my head, and I caught them on the page. The earliest was written when I was 17, and the latest this past winter, February or March.

2- One deceased author of any time period is standing right in front of you, allowing you to pick their mind. Your choice. Who is it?

Hm. There are so many good dead authors. Hell, the best tend to be dead! I’d have to go with…Lovecraft. His tales fascinate me, the cosmic horror, the swarthy Spaniards, the crumbling New England villages. I think I’d like to spend the day with him. He was a teetoller, so we’d most likely crack open a few Cokes and hang out in an ancient cemetery.

3- Tell us a bit about your favorite character that you have brought to life in your writing.

There are a few that stand above the rabble. My favorite, hands down, would have to be Tony DeSimone, the psychopathic mobster from The Spider Hole, which appears in Pocket. He’s also a supporting character in a lot of other stories. I created him from two sources: Joe Pesci’s character in Goodfellas and Paulie Walnuts from The Sopranos. I never watched the latter, though in some television ad I saw Walnuts, and he seemed, to me at least, the archetypical mobster. And Goodfellas…well, it’s no secret that it’s my favorite movie. When it came time to create Tony, I called up the dim memory of Paulie Walnuts and gave him Joe Pesci’s personality (and last name from Goodfellas), and it was a match made in hell.

4- You are getting ready to write. What must you have in order to have a span of successful writing?

There’s no constant with me. I write anywhere under just about any condition. In fact, the earliest tale in Pocket (The Jacket) was written at ten at night in the passenger seat of a Ford Econoline van in a cheap notebook. One thing I like to have while writing is music. It drowns out the world.

5- How do you read? E-book, audio, print?

Print. I’m a dinosaur. I love getting my hands on an actual book. There’s just something about it. I can’t imagine anything more relaxing that kicking back with a print book. I’m not opposed to E-books or audio, I just like my words on paper.

6- Do you have any WIP or future projects that you would like to tell us about?

I’m thinking of doing a second Pocket. I have a strong batch of stories, some of which I like very much, that would make a good follow up.

*Scary Seven* Give us 7 books, stories,poems, or song lyrics that you consider to have the best scare factor. (state if each are lyrics, poem, story, or book)
1-Pet Cemetery by Stephen King (book)
2-Ghost Story by Peter Straub (book)
3-Herbert West: Re-Animator by H.P. Lovecraft (short story)
4-The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allen Poe (short story)
5-I Love the Dead by Alice Cooper (song)
6-The Squaw by Bram Stoker (short story)
7- Dark Rivers of the Heart by Dean Koontz (book)

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