You knew R.E.M. news would be blog worthy for me.

I am sure many of you will consider this post a bit….cheesy. I am fine with that. Many of my posts are cheesy, or sarcastic.

I am not going to say that I am crying my eyes out over the news of R.E.M. calling it quits. Anyone that knows me is well aware that this is my favorite band. Honestly, with the ends of such (original) bands as Sublime and Alice in Chains (and Mad Season)  – I am pleased that I can see the members of this band walk away -without a greater tragedy. I can have hopes of a reunion tour.

I will say that if not for one wonderful teacher and her love for R.E.M., I can not say that I would be a writer. I remember Ms. Fields, my one tour in summer school, banishing me from her class. I was tucked away into a corner with paper, pens, and R.E.M. and told to write. She was mad as fire that I tucked my desire to write away all in the name of being a rebellious slacker. Every single day, from morning until afternoon- I would write, with R.E.M blocking out the events of the summer school class.

Not only did they grow on me, I wrote some of my most amazing poetry and short stories during this time. I won’t lie, I left summer school with the same chip on my shoulder that I entered with by the end of it all. I did however, gain the confidence to write and the love for a band that helped me create some of my best work. Even as an adult, writing for the newspaper, R.E.M. was there for every single article.

As always, the band carries a level of grace that lacks in most modern musicians. If I could have my way, they would keep on keeping on. I have yet to see them cover The Beatles, “Michelle”, so as far as I am concerned, they are not done. 🙂  Either way, this is the curtain call and I think they have handled it wonderfully.  Le sigh. And on that note…

My personal top 10 of R.E.M. (mainly just a literary based excuse to roll through my R.E.M. youtube playlist. Drum roll, please:

10. Fall on Me …..  ❤ “Buy the sky and sell the sky.” 😉

9. The Great Beyond….. “Me and you with wings on our feet.”

8. Electrolite ……. “Stand on a cliff and look down there. Don’t be scared.”

7. Draggin the Line …. The best cover in the world.

6. Walk it Back Newer song, but it shows how wonderful and classic they will always be

5. Tongue …. One of the more odd songs. I love it.

4.  I am Superman ❤ You have to dance. You have to.

3. At My Most Beautiful …..<3 Everyone should feel this way at least once in life.

2. Ascent of Man…. ❤ Le sigh

And my favorite… always…. ❤

“It’s crazy what you could’ve had… I need this…”


And yes, I did play and sing every single song on this list as I blogged. #fact


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