Reinventing Sin Part 1

I’ve had dreams of having my name on a book since I was an awkward little girl with neon socks and poofy hair. (I was an 80’s child, obviously.) I know most kids pretended to be rock stars, Hollywood idols or sports icons. I spent my time at my vanity pretending to be a famous author. I would pretend someone asked me questions as I replied to my own reflection in the vanity mirror with answers of why I write, who I write about and what I plan to write next. Most of my childhood books even have my autograph in them. (Insert facepalm here.) I knew they weren’t mine to autograph. I simply wanted the practice.

Well, I am in no way a famous author, unless you ask my children, and being fantastic in their eyes- that is living the dream.

March 7th 2012 actually did change my life. It might not be a huge deal to most people, but I have a book with my name on it. Yes, there are six other names on this book. Does that lessen the emotion of having my first book in print? Nope. Not in the least. In fact, I think this will be my favorite book because of those six other names.

I remember having the idea for this book, Seven Deadly Sins. I had just finished reading a book my longest-known friend, Tiffany, sent to me. She knew I had a twisted sense of humor and that book was my cup of tea. (Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk)

I not only enjoyed the book, but I walked away with an Ah-ha moment; A refreshing slap in the face of how I saw the world and my own personal interactions with the other people in this world. I wanted to send out that same kind of message. Give people a highly enjoyable read and throw in a bit of an Ah-ha moment.  What in the world does everyone have in common? This book I finished touched on so much. I didn’t need to touch those topics. Oh yeah.

Sin. The one thing we have in common. All of us, and Lord knows we can name everyone in our neighborhood or church group and label them by their most used sin. In the south, it is damned near a way of life. But…Ah! It is so much easier to pick out sins when they belong to someone else. It is mighty frightening when we spot it in ourselves. Ha.

I wanted lessons. Entertaining lessons. Fables. Not Aesop. Not traditional. I wanted something from different eyes. I could not tackle this alone. I needed people I knew could make this idea brilliant. I debated posting an ad or blog asking for people willing to jump on this train, but it simply didn’t feel great enough to be right. I knew so many authors through twitter and facebook, I wanted to select them. The worst they could do was say no. I spoke to them minimally. A short conversation here and there. Honestly, I was afraid of spilling the beans on my plan and getting sucked into the wrong people. Don’t get me wrong, I know hundreds of wonderful authors. But, I didn’t just want wonderful. I wanted to run this differently than a normal anthology.

I wanted to work side by side with six others. To create this book together. To learn a bit from each and pass it along. I needed six unique strong authors that could stand the heat. I needed this to be solid. And yes, some know- since we have openly posted about this journey- One of the original authors did not stay for completion. I am still saddened by the loss of who was honestly, my first and easiest choice to invite on this project. But I will always be blown away by his words and consider him one of the greatest writers I’ve ever known.

I will be posting more parts of this blog with details about the process as well as the authors. Long blog posts become boring and lots of people won’t read all the way through. What I have to say is pretty much grand and I want your attention. Part 2 coming soon. Until then, check out Seven Deadly Sins, like it, share it- while you are at it, I won’t mind one bit if you buy it. 


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