Literary Happenings Spring 2013

Two questions I hear more than somewhat often lately: What have you been doing? Where is book two of LIVIAN?

I will answer these in opposite order. Where IS book two of LIVIAN?

Well, some of it is written. All of it is plotted down to the finest of detail. Things have been so busy, life has been spinning my right round, baby, right round- I have yet to even order my own paperback copies of book one. *Gasp* I know, the shame I feel as an author over this horrible confession. I do get thrilled each time I see a photo of someone with a paperback. I want to slow- motion run across an unpolluted beach and embrace them with this “You love me! You really love me!” sort of hug.

I will say, as in love as I may be with LIVIAN– book two knocks MY socks off and I will have it complete soon. I want the public to have it- to love it- but things need to line up just right for me to do so properly.

I will tell you this much. Livian gets her Loci on. Imagine a tribal warrior wooded land of tattoos, belly dancers, fire breathers and one Inennious- loving young steampunker. Throw in some dragons, dwerger and those blood thirsty unicorns and you have the setting for book two, Inennious. And if you think you love Elsa now- just wait.

I will tell you this; IF you have not read Seven Deadly Sins II, SLOTH- Claim Your Fate is a connecting tale of the Dwerger- the clan of “soil sifters” that live just blow the ground of Loci. The series shows them as the bad guys- but everyone is the bad guy in someone’s eyes.

NOW- What have I been doing?

We all know my passion, above my own novel writing, is 7DS BOOKS. I love the art of the short story. I was raised on those twisted tales of fables, foes, rhymes and Poe. Wrapping an entire plot and character building within a limited word count is nothing less than an art.

I love working with other authors. Networking and helping build platforms is a good portion of my everyday. I do not think passion pumps through the veins in other professions as hot as it does in the creation of an artist. Wordsmiths have something about them. To say that they are mere dreamers is an insult. Everyone is a dreamer. An artist creates a world and, in most cases, they strive to create that world- be it on canvas, in words, in mechanics- but so many artists embrace the fact that with enough love and hard work, those dreams can be reality. This makes me feel alive.

Sure, we all say, “I want to be able to quit my day job and do (insert art) for a living. I want to be comfortable. I want to afford the time to do this.”

BUT, that is not the truest of the dream chasers. I get tickled at some people that say this as if they are maybe 10% of the population that strive for this. No. We all want that. The ones that pump me up are the ones that want to change not their world, but the world of other people through their art. Oh, those people make me feel as energized about the literary world as Richard Simmons is about sweatin’.

Thanks to 7DS, I get to work with these people every single day. THAT is my dream come true. Authors and illustrators amaze me. The imaginations and visions they carry every moment of the day; the thriving confidence outweighing the fears to share their heart with the world; The plans they toss and turn all night thinking of to make their dreams flourish- I love them.

And these authors, when I become inspired by them, fall in love with their work as well as their passion, and they accept an invitation to write on a 7DS Book– I know something magnificent is in the works.

We have re-released Seven Deadly Sins as Seven Deadly Sins II featuring new stories by Wolf Scott & Michelle Horst (Wrath & Gluttony). Both have received such wonderful feedback and the collection has a fresh appeal with the addition of sci-fi and angels/demons. I cannot express my gratitude for both of them joining the re-release of this book.

We have also recently released Seven Deathly Soles– seven short stories with the only common connection of death & shoes. Each story is as unique as the author, yet they come together so well in a collection. Beyond running 7DS & working with these grand authors, I also have a story included in this one. The Boot is a southern comedic who-done-it based on a local southern festival.

Coming next, we have Seven Dwarf Stories– These are not your typical kid-friendly dwarf stories. Before living together and before Snow White, these seven small people had their own lives- and guess what? They were dark, morbid and highly entertaining. You will never look at a storybook dwarf the same way again.

We have several more coming, but before I get into too much detail, I want to save those for another blog debut.

Also, a huge chunk of my time is dedicated to Twisted Core Press, L.L.C. I have been blessed with amazing partners and together we have locked in our notch in the ever-changing industry and we are providing something top-notch and brand new. So many houses open up over night and are gone before you can say the name, we have taken our time to secure the proper methods of author publication. We will be continuing the release must-read titles throughout the year from some of the best new and previously published authors around. I will have more on Twisted Core Press in future blogs as well- much more. I love writing. It is in my blood, but publishing is my calling. This is what makes me feel alive in the literary world. If you don’t love what you do, you aren’t living right. Thanks to my partners and these masterful authors, my career path feels like a thousand dreams coming true, every single day.

I do appreciate the pondering emails and chats of what I have been doing and why book two of LIVIAN is not out yet. I hope this answers those questions in a most satisfying manner. I do promise this much: I will show you some of the best authors your will ever discover through 7DS and Twisted Core Press & Inennious will come. Soon. Thank you for your support and interest.




A chance to WIN a Kobo Mini from Elizabeth Lang’s The Empire Series(Free Chapter HERE) & Page Turner Book Tours!

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Thank you for stopping by and joining us for our stop on the Read-A-Long portion of The Empire by Elizabeth Lang virtual tour. We are excited to post this segment of the story and we hope you enjoy it too!

The Empire – Chapter 10

    Somewhere inside Adrian’s barely functioning brain, he identified the source of his problems was his head. He banged it against the floor, each collision with the cold, unyielding surface, easing the relentless agony in his head for a second. The First Officer quickly lifted him up. Like a wild animal caught, Adrian struggled to free himself, but Chell held him fast.

Adrian continued to battle. He was no longer a man; he was a wounded animal, crying out in agony until he had no more energy and his chest heaved in sobbing gasps.

Hold on, Lieutenant.” Chell hated having to do this, but the Admiral said it was necessary. Fleet Command had deemed it crucial to bring this man under control. Sometimes, he wondered if there weren’t better ways of motivating people, but who was he to decide?


The officers filed out with a friendly nod in Kali’s direction. The meeti ng was over in almost half the time.

You did well,” said Fleet Admiral Verel. The monitor blacked out as he folded the keyboard back into the desk. “They were impressed with your suggestions and grasp of the essentials regarding the Verindi.”

The briefing material was very thorough, sir.”

He smiled, a relaxed curling of the lips that wasn’t enough to show his teeth. “But those are just facts. It takes intelligence to understand what it means and talent to find the right solutions.”

I tried my best.” She was still the proper Ensign, standing ramrod straight, as if she was on parade.

You can relax, Mirren. You’re making my back stiff just looking at you and its stiff enough already.”

It’s sore, sir?”

Nothing to concern yourself about.” He placed both hands on the table and stood up slowly, an old warrior who felt out of place when not in the heat of battle. “Do well with the Verindi and I may promote you to a negotiator role.”

But that’s—”

Yes, it means a promotion.”

Despite his easy manner, she sensed his acute attention as they talked. “I don’t know what to say, sir.”

Isn’t there something you want to bring up?”

Her words were careful, her manner respectful. “Not unless you want to, sir.”

His head nodded, as if he had confirmed something. “Wait in your cabin.”


The First Officer continued holding Adrian to stopping him from hittin g his head on the floor. He rocked him, giving him encouragement.

Adrian cried out in agony again, his body twisted and his face contorted in an inhuman expression. The pain came in waves. Chell knew it was to make it more effective. People built up a limited tolerance if it stayed at one level too long.

Chell’s arms were wet from the sweat-soaked tunic, making his hold slippery, but it didn’t matter. He was not going to let him go until it was over.

Adrian stopped in mid-scream, a choking, startled sound that became a soft moan. His body went limp and his breathing came in staggered gasps.This was odd. Chell quickly laid Adrian back on the ground just as Admiral Verel swept back into the room.

You were right, sir. He tried to hurt himself,” he reported.

That was to be expected.” He knelt down on one knee and lifted Adrian’s eyelids. The eyes were unfocused. “It’ll take him a few minutes to come back.” He winced as he stood up, and cursed his aging knees.

His First Officer watched this with concern. The Old Man rarely showed weakness and he knew how stubborn he was about certain things, just as stubborn as Stannis was. “You’re still avoiding the replacement, sir?”

Don’t you start.” Verel flexed his knees tentatively, wary of the tinge of pain in his uncooperative joints. “I like all my original parts.”

Adrian moaned and his eyelids fluttered.

Lieutenant,” said Verel. “Look at me.”

Adrian gazed up at the ceiling, as if he didn’t know what to look at. Slowly the eyes focused on the Admiral. Verel pulled back a little, troubled by what he saw in those dark eyes.

Stannis. Name, rank and Empire id,” he commanded.

For a few seconds, the lips moved but there was no sound, then he said in a raspy, whispered voice, “Stannis, Adrian. Lieutenant. Id Triple A. 362 549 318 002.”

Chell was surprised. “He’s a triple A?”

Yes.” Verel nodded. “He rates even higher than I do.”

No wonder they want him this badly.”

Even genetically, he’s worth a great deal.”

Don’t forget to obtain a good price.” Adrian’s tone was dead but it was soaked in hoarse cynicism.

Chell and the Admiral looked down in astonishment.

Welcome back, Lieutenant,” said Verel.

Are you done, sir?” He sounded bored and irritated at having been forced to waste his time.

For now.”

Then I have work to do.” He raised his head and fell back, as exhaustion robbed him of energy.

Not today,” said Verel.

Is that an order?”

I don’t think it needs to be one, do you?”

His jaw tensed and he looked away. “No.”

Are you going to be more cooperative?”

Adrian’s dead eyes still did not meet his. “I will finish the project.”

The Admiral bent towards him. “That was not the question.”

Define ‘cooperative.’”

I am never in a mood for word games.”

Adrian finally turned his head to look at him. Their eyes fixed on each other in challenge. “I…” The words of appeasement, the ones that would deliver him from pain, warred with Adrian’s rebellious soul. Anger gave life to his eyes. “…will not…”

Be careful, Lieutenant.” The edge in the Admiral’s voice was sharp.


The First Officer bent down and placed a firm hand on Adrian’s shou lder, feeling an involuntary shudder passed through his body. “Lieutenant, don’t do this. Don’t force the Admiral’s hand.”

What are you doing, Chell?” demanded Verel.

The First Officer’s eyes displayed no apology, only concern. The last few hours had been an agony for him as well, making him ask some fundamental questions. He had not liked the answers. His words came out like a flood. “I’m trying to help, sir. We’re both soldiers. Trained for killing the enemy, not hurting our own people.”

Verel raised his hands to stop him but Chell forged ahead like a storm that needed to run its course. “I don’t care what those bastards in Security Section say. In all the years we’ve served together, you’ve never liked using this kind of discipline.” His eyes never left the Admiral’s face.

Your knees hurt. They haven’t bothered you in a long time, not until after you received the orders about Stannis.”

As if on cue, a stab of pain punctuated the Admiral’s left knee. He exhaled tiredly, feeling every one of his many years. “It doesn’t make any difference, Chell. You know that. We must do our duty.” He knew it was a weak excuse the moment it left his lips.

Adrian had been listening and weighing the words. “What charade is this?”

And you!” said the First Officer, shaking his finger at him. “You’re too stubborn to even pretend to cooperate in order to save your own life.”

Adrian stayed silent, staring up at him. “Are you presuming to tell me what to do, Chell?” asked the Admiral. The words hung in the air like an explosive.


The First Officer stared back at his Admiral without batting an eye. “I will accept the consequences for my words, sir.”

Verel stared at him a moment longer. They faced death together, saved each other’s lives countless times, and stood side-by-side against insurmountable odds. At times Chell served as his conscience when the violence became too much, but his First Officer had never been this passionate about anything before. “We’ve known each other a long time.”

Yes, sir.”

Do you really want to end it like this?”

The First Officer was still on his knees beside Adrian. His eyes lowered and his head bowed, accepting the authority of the man over him. “If that is your wish, sir.”

You think what I’m doing is wrong?”

I think…” Chell hesitated, the torrent of words and feelings had passed, leaving him to try to understand what had prompted it and why. “There are better ways than trying to hurt people. You said it earlier, sir. You understood why the Lieutenant would hate people. It’s because of what they’ve done to him. But he’s strong too. Like you. He refuses to give up who he is just because people find it inconvenient that he has a will of his own.”

In a hoarse voice, Adrian said, “Do you think I will do what you want without being forced?”

Chell looked down at him. “I think you’re smart enough to find a way. You’re both Firsters after all.”

If I didn’t know any better, Chell,” said the Admiral. “I’d think you were trying to manipulate us.”

I wouldn’t dare, sir.”

Adrian said dryly, “He would.”

I think the Lieutenant’s right.”

Sir.” Chell’s eyes were dismayed. “I never intended—”

Relax, First Officer.” Verel exhaled and paced slowly. “What you’re asking isn’t that simple. Even if I don’t break Stannis, someone else will.”

Adrian’s eyes narrowed, like a man certain that there was subtext he was not seeing.

Getting up from the hard floor, Chell said, “Then we must keep him on the ship. Don’t give Fleet Com—”

Verel’s hand went up immediately to stop him from mentioning the name. “The only way we can do that is if Stannis cooperates.”

A mocking laugh from Adrian greeted this statement. “So this pathetic charade has finally reached its conclusion. If you couldn’t force me into cooperating, you will trick me into it.”

The Admiral and Chell exchanged astonished looks. After the significance of what had been said, this cynicism was a cold avalanche. Verel said, “I know what it must look like to you.”

Do you really?” His eyes were uncut diamonds, hard and rough with sarcasm and mistrust.

I haven’t given you many reasons to trust me.”

Try none.”

The Admiral sighed tiredly, anticipating many long, frustrating ‘discussions’ ahead with this obstinate man. Facing a squadron of heavily armed Andromedans ships would be much simpler. “You’re not going to make this easy, are you?”

I have no interest in advancing your career.”

Chell snapped, “That’s out of line, Lieutenant. The Admiral is not that kind of man.”

Don’t tell me he won’t get a commendation if this Project succeeds. Then he’ll pass me onto the next person who needs my services.”

You’re not a slave, Lieutenant.”

There was a dry laugh. “I’m sure your definition of a free man is different from mine, Admiral. Mine doesn’t include having a device in my head that can be used to control my actions.”

The Admiral grimaced at the damning words.

And spare me any false platitudes,” said Adrian.

The rampant mistrust and cynicism was wearing on the Admiral. He blew out a breath of frustration. “Let go of your cynicism for just a minute and work with me.”

I see no reason to.”

You’re making this much harder.”

You were under the impression I was trying to make it easier?”

You’re a stubborn bastard, Stannis.” Trying to help this man was proving harder than torturing him. “I know you’re tired.”

Having my brain shredded from the inside for an hour can do that.”

The Admiral winced.

I highly recommend it,” said Adrian.

How could a voice be so flat but contain such sarcasm? “I’m not the one who ordered the implant.” This man was making Verel feel defensive, something he hadn’t experienced in a long time.

You’re the one who uses it.”

What if I promise never to use it again on you? I will stop the constant ‘reminders’. Would you trust me then?”

More tricks?”

I don’t play games.”


The First Officer had been observing, waiting for the two men to find their own understanding, but it was proving to be almost impossible. As long as the device was in his head, Stannis was right, he was little more than a slave. Whatever High Admiral Tennyson wanted of him, it wasn’t as a human being. He said, “I know it’s hard for you to trust anyone. Least of all us.”

The warmth and sincerity in his tone that made Adrian wary. “Trust is earned.”

You’re right,” said the Admiral. “I can’t do anything about removing the device in your head or releasing you from this Project, that isn’t in my control, but I will try my best to make it easier for you. No more physical discipline.”

If I cooperate?”

The Admiral shook his head. “It is my promise to you, regardless of whether you cooperate or not.”

You expect me to believe that?”

I expect you to test me on it. I will not use force on you. Or Ensign Mirren.”

Adrian’s eyes widened slightly in surprise at the inclusion of Kali.

The Admiral continued, “But I won’t lie to you. I cannot control if someone else orders it, then I would have no choice. The only way to keep you safe is if you stay here, but if I don’t satisfy my superiors, you will pass out of my hands.”

Is that a threat?”

It’s a reality I cannot control. I can’t stop you from being a fool if you insist on testing the consequences,” said the Admiral. “Once you pass out of my hands, I can no longer help you. I can only protect you and the Ensign if you stay here.”

Who is giving you your orders concerning me.”

It was an unexpected question. Verel stared at him. He had been ordered to keep this information confidential. “High Admiral Tennyson.”

I see.” Adrian looked up at the ceiling, his eyes deep with thought. “It would not be in your best interests to help me then.”

Do you want to tell me why?” The idea Adrian might have a conflict with the High Admiral was worrying. It made what he was doing even more dangerous.


So I answer your question but you will not answer mine?” The Admiral wondered if he could he afford to do this for a man he barely knew?

You asked me a question before.”

Yes. Why did you sabotage the Neutron Wave Project?”

It was not for the reasons you stated.”

Verel’s brow arched. “It wasn’t political or for money?”


It was a concession, not much of one, but it was a start. “You have powerful enemies.”

I have many enemies, most in high places. You would be a fool to help me.”

Let me worry about that.”

Adrian studied the Admiral’s face and his eyes, scouring them for a clue. He dipped his head in acknowledgement. “Then I promise to be less difficult.”

That’s not much of a return for risking my life and my career.”

That is all I can give you.”

Adrian still lay on the ground and the Admiral stood above him, but he was no longer a towering, oppressive presence.

You don’t give me much of a choice,” said Verel.

You’re the one with the choices, Admiral. I’m merely trying to survive them.”

The steps were small, some might call them miniscule. They were two people stepping over a dark chasm of uncertainty, their hands still gripping firmly onto the edges.

You’ll always be difficult and cynical, won’t you?”

It’s kept me alive.”

Alright. Chell will help you back to your quarters. Have the day to rest. I will take care of Kegan.”

Also Elizabeth Lang has shared with us an exclusive picture from The Empire Series

Empire 010

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Page Turner Book Tours and Elizabeth Lang have teamed together to set up an amazing contest, be sure to enter today for your chance to win a KOBO MINI!!

Thank you for joining us and Page Turner Book Tours and Elizabeth Lang today on our stop.

About Elizabeth Lang:

I’m a science fiction writer who started off life as a computer programmer with a love for reading, especially science fiction, fantasy and mystery.

Being in computers, I found my writing skills deteriorating so I decided to take up writing. It became a joy to create characters, stories and worlds and writing soon became a passion I couldn’t put down. As a writer, I like to explore, not only the complexity of characters but the human condition from differing points of view. That is at the heart of the Empire series, of which ‘The Empire’ and ‘The Rebels’ are the first two of a four books series.

You can connect with Elizabeth Lang at the following places:

Author Page on FaceBook | Blog | Twitter | Website

About Page Turner Book Tours:

Page Turner Book Tours is fronted by the face behind Read2Review Kate. Page Turner Book Tours has been put together to help promote authors and give something back to the writing world. Kate has put together a team of incredibly talented people to help with the project by incorporating their individual skills into making new, fresh and exciting promotional plans that we hope you agree are amazing. If you would like to book a tour with Page Turner Book Tours please check out their tour packages. If you would like to become a tour host with Page Turner Book Tours please check out their Tour Host page. You wont be disappointed!

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7 Reasons to Read THE REBELS (The Empire Series) by Elizabeth Lang

The Rebels Today on the blog, I think I have asked the hardest thing I could possibly ask of an author. I have asked for seven (my favorite number) reasons for YOU to read her book. This is always easier for a reader to answer, holding nothing back. Anyone can write a book but to be able to tell you what it is about these pages that you should stop and take notice, what the heart of the plot is and win you over without comparing their book to a popular selling title,— THIS is what makes any old writer a true author.

Please Welcome Elizabeth Lang as she gives us SEVEN REASONS TO READ THE REBELS:


  1. A powerful story about the choices people make when life doesn’t give you a choice.
  2. These characters are so real they’ll get into your heads, and might even do a little redecorating.
  3. Some people wake up hoping to be heroes, but few wake up wanting to be a villain. This book is an exploration of the reluctant.
  4. A dystopian vision of a future where security has become more important than freedom and being human isn’t necessarily a good thing.
  5. Sometimes you make the choices, but sometimes, the choices make you.
  6. Stew can be a lethal weapon.
  7. An exhilarating action-adventure set in a sci-fi backdrop, full of humour and unexpected twists, a bit of romance and a jaw-dropping ending.

The Rebels by Elizabeth Lang

The Rebels by Elizabeth Lang

Well, I must admit, those were seven pretty intriguing reasons to pick up a new novel. Stew? A lethal weapon? Characters that want to be bad? Dystopian? I love the jaw-dropping endings as well- Makes you wonder if you are going to lay in silence and contemplate the ending or really want to call up Lang and ask her what in the heck she was thinking?  I cannot wait to check it out and review it. 


With Adrian’s jump gate, the Empire is readying to take the fight to their enemies. The Rebel Alliance takes advantage of this opportunity to expand it’s power and bring down this oppressive regime.

The charismatic Tucker and his second-in-command, Dain, are at the vanguard of this Rebel push, but is everything as simple as it seems? Adrian is once again caught up with factions vying to use his brilliant mind when a bounty hunter recaptures him while Kali and Bryce try to save him. Will they succeed? Are the Rebels their salvation or is there a hidden agenda that will destroy them all? Charles Sester the psychostrategist is back and at his manipulative best, but whose interests is he serving this time?

AMAZON UK            AMAZON US        BARNES & NOBLE          KOBO

Connect with Elizabeth Lang online!

Connect with Elizabeth Lang online!


Thank you, Elizabeth for sharing your work with us and thank you for stopping by this blog.

Readers & Reviewers, be sure to click the links and check this new title out! Also click the links and keep up with author Elizabeth Lang online!


My Official “Must Have Books of 2012” List

My Official “Must Have Books of 2012” List.

Something for everyone. I will post another list for short stories. This is novel length only. There are plenty more WONDERFUL books on the 2012 debut list. I kept this narrowed down to 10 books. I wish I could list them all, but nobody would read that post. I will post more must reads very soon and catch the ones I missed on this list- not to mention all the highly anticipated December releases still coming!  Until then, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays- and SUPPORT AUTHORS. BUY BOOKS!

A.T. Russell

A.T. Russell

NEW ALPHA RISING: ASCENSION PART 1 Author: A.T. Russell Published by: Twisted Core Press, LLC.  Urban Fantasy  Countless years ago, measured in thousands, the Gods came first. Monstrous creations were born of their frivolity. Like the Gods, some of the creations were peaceful, others not. Their duty to preserve the earth completed once more, however, the day came that the Gods had to leave earth. Unleashed and with loose regulation, the abominable creations left behind multiplied. In their midst, another conception came to be, and his kind would exist absolutely outside of the God’s purview.
Unmated, alone, and untrusting of others, Chatran was charged to go to a place and protect the father of a great child, yet unborn. This duty, however, was unknown to the most cognizant part of Chatran. Only the Beast, who resided within him, knew. As a result, the Beast led Chatran to Walhalla, North Dakota. Although his initial charge was to protect the father he found there, Chatran also gained a mate and Pack. With them, Chatran also found a new way forward, and started on a course that would lead to – New Alpha Rising: Ascension.

Michelle Horst

Michelle Horst

Vaalbara, Visions & Shadows Author: Michelle Horst Published by: Twisted Core Press, LLC.  YA Fantasy-            Aislinn is most definitely not just the “Weird Girl” everyone thought she was. Plagued by dreams so vivid she can barely breathe at times, she turns to Sid, her imaginary friend, for comfort. When a stranger appears in Aislinn’s life and her dreams begin to unfold, she soon finds herself stepping through a mystical and haunting waterfall where on the other side waits a brand new destiny. As her real identity is finally unveiled, the future will become twice as hard now that Aislinn is Alchera… Vaalbara’s lost princess.
With a handsome guardian named Raighne by her side, Alchera soon realizes that this new fate is not about saving a dying planet or an uncaring race; It is all about saving the “Chosen Ones” who hold the future of humanity in the palm of their hands. When Carter, the son of a monstrous immortal appears, the question of whether or not Alchera will lose her true self and succumb to the shadows that are threatening to suffocate her very soul hangs in the balance. Will the true love of her guardian be enough to save her or will the darkness that Carter carries with him be the end of Alchera’s hope?

Secrets Dawn Kirby

SECRETS Author: Dawn Kirby Published by Dark Dragon Publishing Paranormal Fantasy They say the truth will set you free, but for Leah it kills.

Dragon’s Legacy Jude Johnson

DRAGON’S LEGACY Author: Jude Johnson Published by: Champagne Books Historical Romance                                                                                                                      Looking like his Mexican mother, Jamie Jones struggles to find his place in an increasingly Anglo Tucson, Arizona Territory, in 1904. But his stubborn Welsh half is determined to be accepted, so he sets his sights on winning the affection of Miss Iris Crawford, an aloof beauty with motives of her own.
Percy Kindall lives the life of a privileged rogue in San Diego—until the day of his father’s suicide. Percy’s only clue to motive is a letter sent to a mysterious Mrs. Reyna Jones in Tucson. When he arrives there, he recognizes a kindred spirit in Iris Crawford, and makes clandestine arrangements for their mutual satisfaction.
Unaware of the avaricious manipulations of Miss Crawford, Jamie and Percy’s lives collide and intertwine in a web of secrets and destiny—a Dragon’s Legacy.

Death of a Matador Everett Powers

DEATH OF A MATADOR Author: Everett Powers Thriller Mystery                                                      In the dusty little Central California city of Stevinson, a matador enters a bullfight arena to face twelve hundred pounds of muscle and fury. He engages the bull and leads it through his cape with grace and flair, until his legs and arms go numb—he’s been drugged. When his paralyzed arms drop the cape, the bull rams a horn into his liver and that’s it for the matador. The killer didn’t mean for the man to die, but oh well. He wasn’t about to go to jail for it, though, so he tracks down the guy he paid to give the matador the spiked water, bashes him with a piece of rebar, and dumps him into a ditch. No witness, no jail. Imagine his surprise when his picture shows up in the paper later that week. Now he’s gotta kill someone else.

Instead of attending the bullfight, the mayor of Stevinson, Manny Dutra, is negotiating with pot growers who want to grow their quasi-legal product in his city. He squeezes three hundred grand out of them, a nice “commission,” but he’s gotta get the ultra conservative and religious city council to approve the deal. He’ll get it done because he knows who’s been doing what behind closed doors. When one of the council figures out what he’s up to, Manny kills her to save the deal. As the week progresses, the cops are all over him and his constituents, hardworking religious Portuguese farmers and dairymen, are on his case because they can’t believe he wants to let someone grow drugs in their town. If he can just hold things together for six days he can collect his graft and split.Too bad for Manny and the matador’s killer, Detective Grant Starr is asked to help the Sheriff’s Department solve the murders. Can Grant, his beautiful girlfriend Detective Amber Whitehall, friend Detective Ralph Bensen, and Detective John McKay of the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department bring the killers to justice?
In his follow-up to the thrilling THE MIGHTY T, Powers takes his readers for a wild ride inside a close-knit Central California Portuguese community, with their religious festivals and bloodless bullfights. A world rich in tradition.

Now in paperback print and ebook! (You knew I would self promote in this. Come on.)

Now in paperback print and ebook! (You knew I would self promote in this. Come on.)

LIVIAN Author: Michelle Anderson Picarella Published by: Burst Books YA Dark Fantasy                            Beneath the orbit of the tri-moon dusk, a world sets unbalanced between good and evil. Each being fears the loss of their soul as one mysterious creature hunts the Alpha of each tribe in order to possess the entire colony. Unaware of her royal warrior lineage, wingless Livian struggles with the unaccepted gnarling of her genetic roots and the questionings of her own twisted purpose of life, while keeping her existence unknown to the soul possessing hunter. Her destiny holds the decided fate of the world and the battle begins within her own soul before the first slash of bloodshed.

Robyn’s Egg Mark Souza

ROBYN’S EGG Author: Mark Souza Dystopian Thriller  In a dismal future driven by corporations, where most citizens are human billboards focused on status and entertainment, Moyer and Robyn Winfield struggle to attain a baby. Moyer doubts he will make a good father. His wife Robyn, however, is frantic for a child, and Moyer wonders how long his marriage will survive without one. In an age when babies must be cloned and purchased, the high cost almost makes the point moot.

When his wife learns their friends negotiated the price of their baby, she sends Moyer to Hogan-Perko, a corporation with a monopoly on human cloning, to negotiate for their child, and Moyer finds himself face to face with Viktor Perko – The Father of Mankind. The cost for their baby, all of their savings and the promise of a favor. Moyer agrees and is soon asked to spy on Perko’s enemies.

The Godling Club Stephen Penner

THE GODLING CLUB Author: Stephen Penner Published by RoF YA PARANORMAL ADVENTURE.                                                                                                                   What do you do when your mother is kidnapped, your house blows up, and a mysterious boy appears to tell you that you’ve just doomed all of reality–all on your birthday, no less? You grab your best friend and embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Jeni Tanaka was meant to be the “godling” to a powerful creation goddess. The only problem is, no one told her. To regain her birthright, Jeni travels to Brazil, China, India, and more to rescue her mother, save the world, and join THE GODLING CLUB! (Let’s be real…considering 2012 and the ending of it all, if this were not truly a good book, it wouldn’t be here- but above all, I am honest. So, yeah. It is worth the read.)


Deadly Consequences Lori Gordon

The Sam Black series of suspense novels feature the detectives of the fictional major crimes unit working out of 18th Precinct… the Gold Coast…where the rich and fabulous live…and die.
Nothing good ever happens on Saturday nights. Not in a city the size of Chicago, and not for the detectives of the 18th Precinct. Detective Sam Black and partner Alec Winters respond to a chilling call. A dead body’s been discovered near the lagoon in Lincoln Park Zoo, one of the city’s largest tourist attractions. The Superintendent of police and Mayor are screaming for a quick resolution before the media creates a frenzy.
Sharp twists and unexpected turns force the detectives to put personal animosity aside when another girl goes missing. With the suspect pool quickly eroding, Sam follows a hunch that leads her to the killer’s lair and brings her face to face with a mad man determined to make her his next victim.

UPRISING Author: Dawn Jayne Published by: Time & Tide Publishing EPIC FANTASY                                                                                                                                  

Uprising Dawn Jayne

Heralds are the most powerful of all angels, secretive and feared, created for a single purpose. Only those most courageous and worthy earn a place within the elite choir, and only by breaking ancient oaths held sacred can the honor be stripped. It’s a punishment that hasn’t been imposed in over two-thousand years, until a single reckless act sets off a firestorm, threatening to consume all creation.

Rise Hawke never suspected she’d been marked to play a role in the deadly events unfolding in the spiritual realm. Independent and resistant to authority, she isn’t thrilled when she meets Dominik, an angel with new wings, an old grudge, and a mysterious agenda he’s determined to impose.

Vowing to uncover the secrets kept from her, Rise soon learns that knowing what you are isn’t nearly as dangerous as discovering why. Hunted by those who want to destroy her, and controlled by those who would see her fulfill her purpose, she is forced into a brutal battle set in motion long before she was ever born. It soon becomes clear that what one angel will risk to earn the title of Herald, is matched only by what another will do to keep it.

The December girls birthday adventure & finding a part of my childhood fairy tale.

Yesterday was a much needed break from reality- and all in the name of December birthdays. I am blessed enough to have some of those great long time friends that are more like family. My mom’s best friend, a friend of hers, the best friend’s daughter and boyfriend ( a heck of a man and our wonderful d.d.) enjoyed an all day birthday month outing.

We started our day at Adalia’s house (my mom’s best friend) for snacks, champagne and pictures. We loaded into the car and from there- our journey began- a day of wine tasting touring. Between personal life, medical life, writing and opening a publishing house with my partners (which is not an easy ho-hum task if you do it properly.) – A break from the norm was exactly what I needed. I savored the heck out of it.

The first winery, I knew was made for me when I spotted a steampunkish top hat tree topper. If I were rich, that baby would have come home with me. Since I am NOT, I am going to attempt to connect with my crafty side very soon and create it myself. Pray I have one somewhere in there. The wine tasting was a blast. Mister makes everything fun. If normal people could be like him sober, and love life the way he does- nobody would need to drink.

Adalia is like a second mom to me. I have known her my entire life and talking with her, she is so vibrant and strong, next to my own mother, she is what I strive to be. I cannot tell you how honored I felt to be invited on one of their adventures. No matter how weak your heart or body may feel, this group of people radiate strength, happiness and enjoying every moment of life.

Melanie- Oh Lord, this sweet woman. She is a slight bit older than I am- not much, but still, she beams this beauty of youth and I swear, if she wasn’t so damn sweet, her beauty would be enough to hate her. HAHA. I always looked at her as the sister I always wanted. I didn’t get to see her often as I grew up, but when I did, it was like a kid getting to see Santa (after the fear of him goes away kind, not the kicking screaming, ‘I don’t wanna sit on his lap!’ kid and Santa experience.) Getting the chance to be around her for an extended period of time was a birthday present in itself.

We laughed. We told stories. We were loud and we lived. After this slump since September, my God, laughing like that was a gift. This group of people don’t just tolerate real raw me- they love me. All of me. All my personalities are welcome in their company. That kind of comfort is priceless.

Our second stop, though- on this wine tasting tour- That is the core of my tale.

Something about this place pulled me in from the moment we parked. I love old unique buildings, as is- but this castle appeal- the door knockers the wooden beams and brick work- My heart pulled harder the closer we came to entering. We walked into the lobby- and this table of horsd’ourves seemed so very familiar, as if I was walking into a dream.

We were led toward the bar/winery area for the tasting and as we passed through a small dining area, my eyes locked on the tables- the tables held by old black chains connected to the ceiling. I knew what it reminded me of- this place I only ever went once with my mom- and with my dad, aunt and uncle (the last three have all passed away)-  I tried to shake the thought off and went to the bar area. The wine tasting was divine. Very well blended wines and the winery shoppe was perfect. If I were rich, I would not have been when I left there- Instead- someone lucky on my Christmas shopping list is getting a fine jar of moonshine jelly.

After hearing the history of the establishment, that was not only a winery- but a fine dining establishment and Inn- we had to walk around and see it. You know, above all- I believe in fate. The more we walked, the faster my heart raced. The rooms- the antiques- the everything….It was like being awake and walking through a dream I visited often. Then- BOOM- I saw it. The tree growing in the middle of the room. A real tree in this beautiful room that went straight up with the roof built around it. I thought I would faint. I was there.

I was in this place I’d only ever been once as a child with family members. It was one of my favorite memories of spending time with my family and even then, I just wanted to move right into the place. It was like a fairy tale in my youth. Honestly, still- It was my fairy tale place. We walked into one of the dining rooms (lots of separate dining rooms) and there it was. The table my family and I were at over twenty years ago. The torches on the wall, the perfectly folded napkins, and there- the tapestry… When I was at this table with my family, I recall fidgeting with it. I walked over and touched each chair- fell into the memory, remembering where my sweet mother was…my father…my aunt and my uncle and that unforgettable cackle he had. I wanted to cry. Touching the chair that was mine, for that one meal, I just wanted to lean down and whisper into the ear of the memory of childhood me and love her…and tell her….I don’t know what I’d tell her. Maybe nothing at all. Maybe not risk ruining that night- that for some reason, she held onto so dearly. Sweet Mister took photos of so many things for me. Of the mural on the wall, of my tree, of a sign I loved walking in, even of me at the antique writing desk.

I didn’t want to leave. Not just then. Not ever. When I die, I hope I can become a ghost and roam this fairy tale place for eternity. I wanted to share it with the people of my soul, those closest to my heart. I have talked of this place so often, not knowing a name or a location- I never thought I would see it again outside of my dreams- and to share it with such great people yesterday- what a birthday fated blessing. I know I will never get married again, but if I did, when I dream about it- it will be here. Something about my heart just pulls in this place.  And here is the kicker, guess what is all over this place? Guess? Okay, you are taking too long. Apples. Apples! My dear calling card. Everywhere- fresh, real perfect mounds of apples. You know how at home I felt. I want nothing more than to stay in the Inn. Here is a link to this most wonderful place I thought I would never see again. Scroll through the photos, but I promise, it is nothing as grand as seeing for your own eyes. You have to bucket list this place. It is worth it.

After that, we stopped by a bar called Whiskey Dicks. Come on, it has been a while, it caught my eye. This place was nothing like it appeared from the outside. Another lovely hidden jewel. We had a great time. A bar right on the river, it was a stunning moonlit vision. A good shot of tequila and listening to one of Mister’s fascinating stories as he chatted with the owner of the bar- It was a short stop, but we will return.

Finally, we rounded our day off at a redneck Christmas bonfire party. Nobody parties like southerners do- sorry- Just a fact. There is no such thing as a stranger at a southern get together. I knew absolutely no one there beyond the people I came with and I had a wonderful time. I fought to not focus on the fiery ring of the bonfire as the flames refused the middle, but some thoughts will not vanish no matter how good of a time I may have. We talked books and festivals I’d never heard of in my life. Lots of great food and jello shots for all, great music, karaoke and the most colorfully entertaining folk to kick off the holiday season- Not to mention watching Mister and Adalia dance better than any twenty year olds I’ve ever seen. My body grew very weak as the day caught up with me and the pain took over but, my goodness, it was worth it. Mister did a great job of trying to talk some sense into me and my heart on the way home, which like the other male important influences in my life, he made perfect sense. Logical. Blunt and loving breaking it down for me. Everything my mind knows, everything my heart refuses to hear.

I came home, whimpering in pain and smiling from the best time I have had in a long time. I love these people. It was an honor to be a part of the December birthday girls outing. Days and people that great are what make aging worth while. Now, back to work.

Blog Worthy LIVIAN News

Now in paperback print!

Now in paperback print!

I hold my head in ultimate shame. I have been the worst writerly blogger, possibly in the universe. Well, minus those “wordsmith” sorts that blog “abt thr new buk an how it got 2 b a Ny bst sllr when a gud pulblishering hizzouse sees da potental” Ha. Sorry for cracking on all you bloggers out there that roll that way, but publishers do check you out and your blogs. How do I know this?

Well, simply because I got popped by my publisher for my lack of internet workings and blogging. We all know I exist via facebook, twitter and even linkedin but this has to be done as well. I suppose I assume I post something on facebook and it gets various shares equals to what I need to do for online marketing. My hands are still stinging from the pop (haha) but here we go- I am officially back to blogging and will even do this blog tour thing. (I swear, if I am going to tour, I am going to need sweet tea and brown m&ms at every stop- and of course, groupies. You guys can make that happen, right?)

You know what, I may even pop on one of my wigs an some eyeliner just so I look up to par and send a vlog out soon. That would be a wonderful way to catch you up to speed with everything going on in my own little literary world.

Bless Burst Books and my publisher, she wanted me to blog and I have to say, she gave me something WONDERFUL to blog about to you all. Many of you have asked one question over and over. When will LIVIAN be a “hold in your hand actual paperback?” Guess what? Get those debit cards out so all of my whining and claims of people stating they were waiting for an old fashioned book to be released doesn’t look like a diva author move. Seriously now, buy it. Don’t make a liar out of me. I will also now be reconnecting with the schools that were interested in a speaking session and pre-ordered book signings- as well as any new ones with interest (hint hint.)

The paperback book is officially released on the publisher’s website (I do make more money via those purchases) and will be released in print soon on other book worthy vendor sites.  PURCHASE LIVIAN PAPERBACK EDITION HERE!

The LOOK Challenge- A Sneak Peek

I’ve been tagged in the “look” challenge by the wonderful Jude Johnson. According to the rules, you’re supposed to do a search in your work in progress for the word “look” and then paste the surrounding paragraph(s) and tag as many people as possible.

I am tagging the following authors to do the same because I think highly of them. (So please check out their sites and work):

Stephen Penner  A.T.Russell  Michelle Horst  Beau Watson Dawn Jayne J. Bryan Martin and my dear Olivia Picarella.

HERE YOU GO! A very UNEDITED sneak peek at “The Boot” A 7DS Short Story- Coming Soon.

“I’m sure I’ve seen worse.” he pulled his glasses from his jacket pocket.

The sheriff chuckled as his eyes widened. He shook his head and motioned for Emery to follow past the group of cop cars and the single ambulance. The emergency workers stood back from the crime tape. Whispers and laughter muffled as they walked toward the tape.

“Know the victim?”

“Everybody knows that son of a bitch. Not much of a victim, though.” Sheriff Gardner lifted the crime tape and allowed Emery to walk before him.

“Oh my Holy Father!” Emery covered his mouth, “Who the hell is that poor bastard?”

“Who in the hell do you think it is? Look, you see what that is? Shoved right up in there.”

Emery walked around the crumpled corpse. No pools of blood. No dismembered body parts. Yet, this had to be the most stomach turning site the coroner had ever witnessed. He leaned over and lifted the cowboy hat perfectly placed over the victim’s face.

“Ricky Dalton.” Emery fought a smile. “Look at that boot, right up your ass.”

He gently placed the hat back over his frozen face. Emery could feel the onlooking officers waiting for his reaction. He had always forced himself to place work over emotion. Being the coroner of a small town was hard. He’d held back tears several times. It seemed much harder, for some reason, to hold back a smile.

He stood silently and examined the body. He was normal and perfect Ricky Dalton. His clothes were crisp and clean. No dirt beneath his fingernails. The only thing that seemed out of place were his too tight jeans around his knees and the missing boot from his right foot. And there it was, halfway hanging out of his rear.

Emery felt his own anus clinch. “Any idea at all who did it?”

“Well, I’d say let’s start with anyone Ricky told he was gonna put his boot in his ass.”

“You can’t consider the whole damn town full of people suspects.” Emery snorted.

“So, I narrowed it down to people that have a good serious cause to take him out.”

“A little over half the town,” he shook his head, “So who is the last person anyone saw him with?”

The sheriff paused. “My daughter.”