Lit Genius Extraordinaire! — With The Lovely Ms. P.

A very sincere thanks to the lovely & talented Valarie Savage Kinney for allowing me on her blog to post the A-Z basics of Livian!


The 29th year

Here it is, the day before my 30th birthday. I honestly thought that this day would have me curled up inside of the bed, depressed and mourning my vanishing youth. This has been the plan for about fifteen years. For some reason, I am rather content today.

I fell asleep last night playing the movie of my youth inside of my head. Overall, I focused on the twenty-ninth year. I have always known that my life plan was to be set in stone by my thirties. At the beginning of the year, I was in a panic because I was simply nowhere near this iconic point in my life. Then, it hit me!

In my 29th year, I moved away from my family for the first time. In my 29th year, I gave birth to my third and final (God Willing) child. In my 29th year, I washed my hands of tainted relationships that needed to end. In my 29th year, I reconnected with those that I have missed. In my 29th year, I took everything that seemed certain and solid and shook it all up. In my 29th year, I chased my biggest dream.

I buried all of my fears and self-doubt which allowed me to accomplish my life long dream. In my 29th year, I wrote a book. It may go somewhere. It may not. Either way, it has been my dream since elementary school, and I did it. I am an author of a book! The best part about that is the fact that there will be more to come. I will continue chasing that dream.

As the 29th year comes to an end, I face that in which I had once feared, with a smile and a desire to keep moving forward.  Here is to hoping that the 30th year comes with more writing books, literary agents, publishers, more literary friendships, and more of the wonderful supportive friends and family.

30 is going to be grand. I can not wait to see what is waiting for me as I go over the hill.