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A very sincere thanks to the lovely & talented Valarie Savage Kinney for allowing me on her blog to post the A-Z basics of Livian!

Organizing Chaos And Other Misadventures


Hi there. Yeah, you! Like fantasy? You do? Well, check this out I have a new book. A timeless fantasy. Warriors, death, fear, and everyone seems to dig this blood-thirsty unicorn army. I’ve made a quick A-Z list of keywords that may just pull you in enough to make Livian your next read! Scroll all the way down for information on how to possibly win an ebook of Livian! Here we go…..

Alpha- Leaders of a tribe or race.

Brutes- Name for the strong magical beings known as Elf.

Crawlers- the vast array of spiders that spin mazes of webs in the woods.

Dreamers- The Gods. The Creators.

Elsa- The only female role model Livian has known. She is a tender hearted fairy, sweet on Inennious.

Fairy- Winged Beings known as warriors

Greenery- Nasty meals needed to keep the bowels from exploding, according to Inennious

Healers/Horned Ones- The Unicorns


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Calling All Artists!

Looking for artists of all sorts! Read any portion of “Livian: A Fairy’s Tale” under the NOTES link and show us your vision of the Gothic world of Warrior Fairies, Blood Thirsty Unicorns, Hidden Caves of the Dragons, The Tri-moon nights, or any other scene that grabs your attention! Deadline is Halloween! The first week of November will be closed to submissions, though open for votes on the favorite! The highest voted art will be the main photo on the FB page!
ALL PHOTOS WILL BE USED in rotation during the contest, sharing the link within the Literary Circles of agents, authors, and publishers, and certain photos will be used in a teaser movie/slide for the book.
*The artist retains all rights to his/her artwork, allowing special permissions for use promoting Livian: A Fairy’s Tale for online.
REMEMBER- This is a book meant for children-young adults- even though Fairy Tales are wonderful no matter the age- keep the art work clean or it will be removed. Thanks!