Penner on my Wall (MUST SEE)

If this isn’t blog-worthy, nothing is. I have to share with you- with the world- what I was lucky enough to receive in the mail. This beautiful piece of art was created by my favorite author and illustrator. If you pay any attention to me at all, you have heard me talk/type about Professor Barrister’s Dinosaur Mysteries. This series happens to be a normal read in my house. We all love the Professor and his enlightening adventures. The illustrations have amazed me since the first book. Now, I have the world that resides inside of my own imagination on canvas. Stephen Penner has given me LIVIAN- in full color, down to the finest detail. He has told my story with his paint brush. I can not take my eyes off of this painting. This scene is exactly the world of LIVIAN that I see when I close my eyes. It’s perfect. Thank you, Mr. Penner. You amaze me.