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7 Reasons to Read THE REBELS (The Empire Series) by Elizabeth Lang

The Rebels Today on the blog, I think I have asked the hardest thing I could possibly ask of an author. I have asked for seven (my favorite number) reasons for YOU to read her book. This is always easier for a reader to answer, holding nothing back. Anyone can write a book but to be able to tell you what it is about these pages that you should stop and take notice, what the heart of the plot is and win you over without comparing their book to a popular selling title,— THIS is what makes any old writer a true author.

Please Welcome Elizabeth Lang as she gives us SEVEN REASONS TO READ THE REBELS:


  1. A powerful story about the choices people make when life doesn’t give you a choice.
  2. These characters are so real they’ll get into your heads, and might even do a little redecorating.
  3. Some people wake up hoping to be heroes, but few wake up wanting to be a villain. This book is an exploration of the reluctant.
  4. A dystopian vision of a future where security has become more important than freedom and being human isn’t necessarily a good thing.
  5. Sometimes you make the choices, but sometimes, the choices make you.
  6. Stew can be a lethal weapon.
  7. An exhilarating action-adventure set in a sci-fi backdrop, full of humour and unexpected twists, a bit of romance and a jaw-dropping ending.

The Rebels by Elizabeth Lang

The Rebels by Elizabeth Lang

Well, I must admit, those were seven pretty intriguing reasons to pick up a new novel. Stew? A lethal weapon? Characters that want to be bad? Dystopian? I love the jaw-dropping endings as well- Makes you wonder if you are going to lay in silence and contemplate the ending or really want to call up Lang and ask her what in the heck she was thinking?  I cannot wait to check it out and review it. 


With Adrian’s jump gate, the Empire is readying to take the fight to their enemies. The Rebel Alliance takes advantage of this opportunity to expand it’s power and bring down this oppressive regime.

The charismatic Tucker and his second-in-command, Dain, are at the vanguard of this Rebel push, but is everything as simple as it seems? Adrian is once again caught up with factions vying to use his brilliant mind when a bounty hunter recaptures him while Kali and Bryce try to save him. Will they succeed? Are the Rebels their salvation or is there a hidden agenda that will destroy them all? Charles Sester the psychostrategist is back and at his manipulative best, but whose interests is he serving this time?

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Connect with Elizabeth Lang online!

Connect with Elizabeth Lang online!


Thank you, Elizabeth for sharing your work with us and thank you for stopping by this blog.

Readers & Reviewers, be sure to click the links and check this new title out! Also click the links and keep up with author Elizabeth Lang online!


Author Shout Out- Stephen Penner’s Professor Barrister’s Dinosaur Mysteries

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure to beta read for a fellow writer. I have wanted to beta read for some time, though- three kids, my own writing, and a move can put a road block on the “want” list. To sum it up, I realize that it is well worth fitting into the daily grind to have the chance to not only help a fellow author- but enlightening to experience the sheer enjoyment of getting your hands on a great read (that is not yet available for anyone to snag a copy of!)

This is not the first book in the series that I have read, and while I have several more books to catch up on the series- this is one that I must pass on to fellow readers.

Stephen Penner is the man behind my “must read” recommendation for young readers with the “Professor Barrister’s Dinosaur Mysteries”. The level for this series may be ranked for K-3rd grade, but as an adult, I must admit that I am hooked!

Penner’s ability to teach while entertaining is a sure proof way to keep you wanting more of the series. The illustrations of the books are wonderfully detailed without becoming overwhelming as only the greats (such as Shel Silverstein) accomplished with book art.

Normally, I would suggest a book/series with a genre or age group. In this case, young children, older children, parents, grandparents, teachers; all of those with a pulse- you will learn and enjoy doing so if you allow yourself to turn the pages of one of the Professor Barrister’s Dinosaur Mysteries.

Professor Barrister's Dinosaur Mysteries